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Choice-driven games are a tricky aspiration. I'm always curious about what the underlying system in the Design is. Is this something you wish to share with the Public, or is it to remain esoteric? I have to ask because I want to know how other Developers view Choices as a Mechanic.


Lin Ji.



Hey Lin Ji,

The system tracks a large number of variables. For instance, your reputation with other characters; whether you found a certain weapon; or even just what you picked for dinner. In Book III & IV we're taking some steps to highlight a number of your choices that had a big impact on the story.
These can influence how people react to you and which turns the story takes.
We also have a Discord server if you'd like to talk more with us and other players:

Will you be releasing any more content like a development book? I'm intrigued! 

We are releasing the sequels, Book III and IV, in the near future.  While we do not plan on creating merchandise, there are some exclusive backer rewards being produced that could potentially be released outside of the Kickstarter rewards in an adapted format. But currently there are no plans for that yet.

Spine2D or Live2d for those gorge animations?!?


Live2D Cubism was used to create the 2D portraits and animations yes :) Thank you!

Which engine you're used in development? Have you got some plans to add controller support?

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We used Unity to create Herald! We're currently looking into controller support but we can not make any promises yet on if or when we'll patch it in. We'll be sure to let people know once we do! :)

We do have keyboard support for going through the dialogues.

That's just a great news :) How to contact you by email? I think I got an interesting offer for you!

You can contact us at